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Johar Project

Johar Project

Since 2014 JVP has been working to empower tribal communities to reduce their poverty and exclusion by improving access to and monitoring of public services.

Main objective of this project is to:-

  • Increased access to quality basic services and government schemes.
  • Increased awareness of their rights.
  • Increased access to information.
  • Increased participation in community life.
  • More transparent and accountable governance structures.

In this course of action tribal women were organized into Self Help Groups, and in last one year 52 SHG’s are formed with 654 members in its intervention areas. Members from 37 SHG’s are trained on book keeping and records maintenance, 38 SHG’s have opened their accounts in the banks and 644 members are involved in Income generation activities.

30 CBOS’ were formed with 2700 members and apart from this one Public Information Centre has been established so that community people can get access to different types of public schemes.

Awareness creation has been done by printing around 2500 IEC materials.

One State Level Tribal Forum has been formed with 4 members (2 men and 2 women).

  • Total visited - 3600
  • No of application submitted - 3200
  • No of application Resolved - 2860

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