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PRI Campaign
pri_campaign_sbconsultancy 11 PRI Campaign were conducted in 11 villages of 4 panchayat in the project area where the SHG members as well as the villagers have participated which includes Ward member, Mukhiya and Pradhan from our area. The Campaign was carried out in two forms one is ‘Role Play at village level’ and another is ‘Awareness campaign’. This campaign was carried out to build the capacity of the newly elected PRI representative (i.e. their role and responsibility) and also to aware the villagers about the importance of participation in the Gram Sabha meetings. To encourage the women’s to participate in the Gramsabha meeting. Another important objective of this campaign is to encourage the villagers to participate in the panchayati raj planning process and to aware them about decentralized planning and implementation of Government schemes so far the local community/families need is concerned.