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Empowering Rural Women

Jharkhand Vikas Parishad's Initiatives for Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Development.

Advocating for Child Welfare

Jharkhand Vikas Parishad's Holistic Approach to Health, Education, and Protection.

Cultivating Communities

Jharkhand Vikas Parishad's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability and Social Equity.


JVP’s mission was to create a society where people are financially independent, self identity with over all development. There should not be any discrimination on the basis of caste & gender. And everyone enjoys their social, economic, educational & cultural rights.



JVP is striving its hard through its various integrated actions to attain an established, egalitarian, non-exploitative and socially just society with economic self-reliance.



Soil and Water Conservation. Integrated Agriculture, Adolescent Life Skill Development, Women Development, Child Rights and Network and Linkages

About Us

Empowering Rural Communities

The Story of Jharkhand Vikas Parishad

The Chief Functionary of the organization Ms. Subasini Soren is very actively involved in the sector of social service after her graduation from Pakur district of Jharkhand with number of NGOs in Bihar, now in Jharkhand. While working with NGOs, she felt that she should initiate her own initiative in the sector of Rural Development with her ideologies and attitudes and formed the organization named ‘Jharkhand Vikas Parishad’


Message From The Secretary’s Desk

Subasini Soren

Dear Friends,
I am honored to introduce the Annual Report 2022-23 of Jharkhand Vikash Paishad. It fills me with great satisfaction to see our organization's continuous progression towards empowering marginalized women, marked by one milestone after another.

Throughout the year 2022-23, we implemented a comprehensive strategy that went beyond mere awareness.

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