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Case Study : MGNREGS "A Light of Change"
Ambadiha is a village which is situated at Basmati Panchayat in Amrapara Block of Pakur district. It is a very economical backward village, where earlier most of the people depend on daily wage labour and Farming activities for their livelihood. And this farming depends on the blessings of God. When there was rain they can cultivate otherwise the land remains idle. This results in food scarcity. They were unable to get two time meals in the off season. But at present the scenario of this village is changing day by day. Now the villagers of this village find an effective solution of this (Food scarcity) problem, they are going to the panchayat for applying job cards as well as for demanding job under MGNREGS kanoon.
casestudy_dfid_sbconsultancyLikhan Kisku, the pradhan of this Village. He is 61 years old. There are 6 members in his family. His family’s primary source of income is the Pradhan honorarium (Rs-1000) that he receives from the state government. Whereas farming is the secondary source of income which supports him a lot to run his family.
He is a very active pradhan and had good name and fame for his work in surrounding villages. He is actively involved for the development of this village from the last 2 decades. For this he supports and helps the villagers in every possible way. He had good linkages with the panchayat as well as block officials. But he always remains silent in the sector of unemployment as because he does not have proper knowledge regarding any employment generation schemes.
After the intervention of PACS project in his village, he actively participates in the community mobilisation Programme that was held by the project team in his village. Later on he participates in the entire programme that was organized by the PACS team in the Amrapara Block. He gains lot of knowledge regarding MGNREGA kanoon. He understood the importance of this scheme. Thereon he decided to sensitize the villagers regarding MGNREGS kanoon of his village. Now whenever PACS team organized any programme in this village he actively calls all the villagers to participate in the programme. In this way with the help of Likhan Kisku PACS team able to sensitize the villagers regarding MGNREGS kanoon. Now the villagers of this village are going to the panchayat for applying Job cards under this scheme. This had only been possible because of Likhan kisku’s active effort and dedication towards the villagers.
In a conversation with Likhan Kisku he told that “now the villagers will not sit idle in the off season, rather they will engaged in an employment throughout the year provide by the Govt. and this is only possible because of the PACS project that was being implemented in this block”.