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cooperatives_sbconsultancy One Woman’s cooperatives had been form in this year. The members of the cooperative had fixed one title for the cooperative i.e. “Mahila Vikas Kray Vikray Kendra”. Office bearers of the Cooperatives had also been selected. SHG members were supported by the male members of the village. They decided to sit (meeting) minimum once in a month and in necessary they will sit (meeting) in accordance to that. The cooperatives will purchase the local products throughout the year from its individual beneficiaries as well as from the locality. Then cooperative will sale it in bulk in the wholesale market. This reduces the wastage of time of the individual members, got fair price and saves from middleman. The members of the cooperative decided to purchase Leaf plate. They had purchased Leaf plate from their locality. Now they are searching for fair market price in the local market. Hoping soon they will sale it at good price. The Project team is also supporting them in all aspect right from the purchase of leaf plate to linking them with the market.