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Health and Education for School Dropout and Non-Enrolled Adolescents Girls
This project is supported by Sir Doarabji Tata Trust to start a program of adolescent education and development in Amrapara block,Pakur district, Jharkhand. The proposed project is a pilot in 19 forest villages and habitations of Amrapara block to increase the reach of the Trust’s program for adolescent education and development in Jharkhand. The Trust already supports 2 projects on education in Pakur district, and it is one of the focus districts due to its extreme poverty and backwards population of tribals, primitive tribes and Muslims. These communities have had low participation in education and have been deprived of opportunities for development due to exploitation and official neglect. A majority of the adolescent girls in the 12-18 years age group from Pahariya tribal community are illiterate. The female literacy rate is as low as 16.28percent and the dropout rate from class 1-10 is 85 percent in Pakur district. The NGO would be supported for one year to enable it to work with the tribal community and implement the program on the pattern of Doosra Dashak adapted for Jharkhand. The initial focus of activities would be on girls, and based on the outcomes, the expansion of the project in other villages may be considered. The project provides fresh opportunities particularly for girls to enter education mainstream.
At present there are 9 villages learning centre in 9 villages which are being run or facilitates by 9 well knowledge and well discipline Female teachers. Along with this one pedagogy is also there to counseling the adolescents and to design innovative and creative course for education. 290 non school going and dropout adolescents’ girls are associated with this learning centre that comes to the centre timely and regularly.